Tuesday, March 31, 2009

can anyone give the answer?

Akan Tiba
Hey hati ku..
mendambakan cinta namun tak kunjung tiba

Hatimu itu
Seperti apa yg ku mahu selama ini
Ertikanlah pagi ku yg kaku tanpa kamu

Kau ku cinta
Engkaulah yg ku puja
Tertunggu selama ini takku jumpa
Dgn mu ku di lamun indah
Ku harap cinta akan tiba di hati kita..

Lihat kamu
Tak ku sedari
Waktu dh mulai tinggalkan ku

Kau kau kau
Buatku lupa mengapa ku disini pada mulanya..
Ertikanlah malam ku yg sayu dingin tanpamu

Setiap hari bersama mu
Ku ingin selalu dekatmu
Ku hitung saat dan waktu
Hingga hari esok kembali lagi

Monday, November 10, 2008


Dear Readers...

Today at 9am i will have a final exam for this semester.I woke up quite early...hehe. Ready to read the theory part of Transport and Traffic Engineering subject..Lately I'm so busy preparing for my exam for this semester..I will finish on 19th of November..Sorry readers I'm not update my blog...I love to write but my schedule is really pack...Hope to write soon..Gudluck to everyone who is also prepare for exam... : - )

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Tembam like uncle? no no no..!!

Dear Readers,

I'm so excited to write at this moment..Now i become UNCLE..I prefer to called young uncle..haha..My sister gave birth to a baby girl on the 2nd day of this raya..I went to her home in Nilai on 3rd of hari raya...I had cancelled all my plan to go to ando,nana tanjung and Dr.Shamila house on that day..Hmm, sory guys I have to go Serembam...I'm really sorry k..Beside the holiday is too short..Haiya..I'm promise to visit your house next raya maybe..InsyaAllah

4 October 2009

Mum with 1st cucu.Zoyu busuk menyelit..

Zoyu lagik..

Young uncle n cute niece..hehe

The pictures above was taken on the 4th day of raya when we first time visit my sister and her baby..just my mum,my younger sister and my brother..He is not in the picture, because he's very shy guy..hehe..Then the second day,other family come to visit kak ana.Paklang's family,cikja n hakim,opah,cumei,abg darul family and kak ana friend's..here is the pictures.

5 October 2009

My cousin Ika or now become Maksu..hehe..

Cikja n aisya

Hakim pun excited tuh..

Pak Ngah Zomir

Cumei and his girlfriend

Present from cumei..

Opah and her 2nd cicit

Abg Darul family

Kakna n Abg Darul friend - Encik Mat

Present from Encik Mat

Ade jugak zomir ni..


Best fren cari ikan

Present from Faiz Isa.He also came on that day..Thanks a lot..

Eh, how about my present to my niece? Oh for sure it's was 'gempak' compared to other presents..hehe..I bought this present using my Parkson Vouchers that I get before (see my previous post)...It's not just this card below,I bought something that she will use for a long time and she will remeber that this gift is from her uncle..Luv u aisya..miss a lot rite now.

Aisya, later I train u to walk..hehe..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Balik Kampung Journey

Me in ERL train

Dear Readers....

25 September 2008

I just want to share with all of u my Hari Raya Holiday stories last week..It begin with my journey to 'Balik Kampung'. I went back from JB on the 25 Sept after I sat for Transportation & Traffic test with Prof Abd.Aziz Mutti..At that time, I'm not in the mood of taking a test because everyone had went back to their kampung...Just few of us prepared for test..So the solution is, we became 'toyol' la..haha..siap bukak buku tgk teori and salin je...sory Prof..My ticket is 5.15pm..I Just break fast with mihun goreng and burger malaysia..I went to KL with mazwan and arrived in KL about 9.30pm and i took KTM commuter to my sis home in Nilai..

26 September 2008

The next day (26 Sept) Abg Darul, my bro in-law invited us to join 'majlis berbuka puasa" with MAS at ALLSON KLANA Hotel also in Nilai..The food was very delicious and I didn't capture many pic as I concentrate to eat...!!!..Hehe..Abg Darul,Kak Ana,Zoyu, Faiz Isa and me was joined the 'majlis berbuka puasa'..We going back with full of food in our stomach..hehe..Kepenatan....

Allson Klana Nilai

27 September 2008
The next day (27 Sept), Zoyu and me went to Cumei house at Pantai Dalam as we planned to go home with him..We took an ERL from Salak Tinggi and we met Reen at KL Central and again took KTM Commuter to Pantai Dalam..It was rainy day and we ask Cumei to pick us at the commuter station..Then we break fast with PakNdak recipe of nasi minyak..Im not eat nasi minyak as PakNdak put beef..So I bought D'Naim nasi kukus...very delicious..you should try!!Located near to Pantai Dalam Commuter station..We went home to Taiping that night together with Cikmi and arrived at 2.00am..

My sister zoyu

p/s : I will put my raya pic later k..

Friday, September 19, 2008

Counting Days to RAYA...

Dear Readers,

Today its already 19th day of puasa..I can't wait to balik kampung and do some preparation for this coming Hari Raya...It will be the busy hari raya and a little bit kelam kabut coz I'm going to be and Uncle (uncle muda kot!!)..hehe..My sister Insyaalah will deliver his first baby on the 3rd of hari raya..Also my mum's first cucu la...Mak mesti excited tu...hehe

I'm also excited and can wait the happy day!....Oh ok, about the picture above its a new shopping mall in Taiping called Taiping Central.It's located in Jalan Kamunting just beside Tesco Taiping...Its already open to public on 31st of August and lots of boutique n shop lots there like Vincci (sure zoyu n zona will like it),Nike,Sushi King,Starbucks and the most important is the 7 SCREEN Cinemas...Ha mcm ni baru la best bai...

I cant wait to go there and have some window shopping maybe... or just lepak..not in a mood to buy something..huhu..maybe watch movie jer could be fun..Ok, Im going back this 24th Sep and ready to serang Taiping Central..See you there guys...Ok, I need to go to bazaar ramadhan..selamat berpuasa..bye!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm already get "DUIT RAYA"..yeay..!!

Dear friends..

Firstly i want to wish "Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak" to all my muslim friends..Eventhough today is already 6th day of fasting I think it's not too late to wish to all of you guys..I'm really hope my ramadhan this year,I will spend it with lots of 'amalan and ibadah'..Insyaalah..Ha, not to forget that I hope this ramadhan I can reduce my weight...Bile nk kurus? huhu..

Ok, i have some good news to tell you..(good for me je la actually)..hehe..Yesterday i got my 'duit raya'...Weh,blum raya lagi la...haha..No, actually last month my campus organised Career Fair and one of the company who are joined is ANTARA LION STEEL MILLS SDN.BHD..This is the website link..

The good news is, i won the lucky draw as i submitted my resume..I didn't expect that i im so lucky that day..Alhamdulillah rezeki...Hmm, boleh la beli baju raya sehelai nih...Thank to the Lion Group...Ya, thats the good news I want to tell you..Poyo..hehe..Okla got to go-Budak Starbuck tgk semacam da kat kitorang (me n mazwan) lepak je kt sini..ye la puase kan,xkan nak minum..hehe..Buat muka tebal je la..Ok..Bye! See you soon..

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Merdeka Day Everyone!

Dear Readers,

"Tanggal 31, bulan 8,57...Merdeka,merdeka,tetaplah merdeka...Ia pasti menjadi sejarah.."..We always heard this song when we are in the end of August..Everyone knows the singer who sang this song..Ya, it's Sudirman's song, my mum favourite artist (Im always argue with my mum what's is so special of him?..and my mum said he has a unique voice and all his songs are meant to everyone..)..Ya, i must agree with you mum!..

Ok2, im not going to talk about Sudirman, im going to share my merdeka celebration in my campus..This merdeka day, it's not so happening like last years when I join the "Konvoi Merdeka" with my friends when we "tawaf" the whole UTM..With my lovely BGV, we pusing all of the jalan2 in my campus..It was so memorable merdeka day last year!

This year we plan to see the 'bunga api' in whole JB area from the top of Balai Cerap in UTM.If anyone dont know what is Balai Cerap, it's actually the highest land in UTM Skudai and from top of the land, we can see a nice view of the whole UTM and some JB area..In the night before merdeka day,fahmi,ando,joe and me was waiting to see the 'bunga api'.We are frustated actually, as we just saw the 'bunga api' by UTM at padang kawad.We can't see the other 'bunga api' in JB...Aiyo..dahla it's going to be the last time (Insyaalah grade on time) I will celebrate with my friends,tapi 'bunga api' ado...huhu..Lepas ni dah semua sibuk keje,buat hal masing2 maybe nk celebrate merdeka pun xde masa..But we have to celebrate jugak as we are Malaysian..

I'm so proud to be Malaysian, as we live in peaceful and happy without any ancaman dari luar kan? As a malaysian we must understand how hard Tunku Abdul Rahman is fight to be make our country free..Merdeka is not just we celebrates, because I'm sure everyone has the meaning of merdeka to them..Happy merdeka to everyone!..MERDEKA,MERDEKA !!!!!